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What’s in the Rock Box ???

It’s Back… What’s in the Rock Box ???

Rock 94 has placed an item in a big box from Secure Store and we want listeners to guess What’s in the Rock Box to WIN $2,000!

Each weekday morning at 7:20 am Kaile and Dee will announce a clue as to What’s in the Rock Box. We’ll then take guesses every hour from 8:20am until 5:20 pm on what could be inside the Rock Box…

If the listener guesses right they win $2,000! Then we put a new item in the Rock Box and we start all over again!!!

But the guess has to be bang on! It has to be EXACT... Not a car, not a tool, not a boat, not cash… the guess has to be down to a color, make, size, year, the exact dollar amount, ingredient... etc.

We’re talking bang on! We’ll even post all the clues and guess at at the end of each day.


Friday, September 15
7:20 Clue: Smaller than a box of beer
8:20- A loaf of 60% whole wheat Bennett’s Bakery bread
9:20- A box of Kellogg’s Special K
10:20- Box of 40 assorted Tim Horton’s Tim Bits
11:20- A silver and blue Bauer hockey stick with black tape on the shaft
12:20- 355 ml can of Mug root beer
1:20- Black Sharpie permanent marker with a chiseled tip
2:20-a licence plate
3:20- a 900 gram container of Folgers Classic Roast Coffee
4:20-A 6 pack of mini cans of A& W root beer 8 fluid oz
5:20- A 12 pack of 355 ml of brisk iced tea

Monday, September 18
7:20 Clue: Not round
8:20- A Rubix Cube
9:20- a square leather wallet
10:20- 225 gram box of Kraft Dinner Original now with more cheese
11:20- 4 pack of AA Duracell Copper Top Durablock power preserve guaranteed 10 years alkaline batteries
12:20- 2kg box of Milk Bone marrow dog snacks
1:20- Dozen large Vanderwees Eggs
2:20- 12 jars of Bernardin regular mason jars with standard lids
3:20- a box of eddy Lee Matches
4:20- a $5 coin
5:20- Peller estates French cross Sauvignon Blanc bag in a box, 4 liters, $42.95, 12% alcohol

Tuesday, September 19
7:20 Clue: Not White
8:20- An orange
9:20-Car Battery
10:20- A 4L box of Jackson Triggs cabernet sauvignon
11:20- Garmin GPS hand held locater in a leather case with a pocket or belt attachment from KBM Outdoors
12:20- 3 ½ x 5 ½ Garmin GPSMAP 276TX
1:20- 1% chocolate milk in a 473 ml carton
2:20- a 4 litre bag in a box of Jackson Triggs Shiraz wine
3:20- a box of Kellogg’s frosted flakes cereal 1 kg size
4:20- a 283 gram box of Hershey Pot of Gold Collections
5:20-A 1 L bottle of Heinz red delicious ketchup

Wednesday, September 20
7:20 Clue: Plastic
8:20- Silver 2 slice toaster
9:20-Box of 40 regular Glad easy-tie garbage bags
10:20- A picture of the Pagoda
11:20- Clear Rubbermaid sandwich container with a red lid
12:20- Box of 30 Glad 30inch by 32 ½ inch large Easy-tie garbage bags
1:20- 10 liter red empty gas container
2:20- pack of 12 glad ware lunch to go containers
3:20- 1 box of Black Box brand merlot red wine 751 ml
4:20- 3 litre box of Black Box cabernet sauvignon wine
5:20-Plastic glad easy Tie Black garbage bags box of 10

Thursday, September 21
7:20 Clue: More than a dozen
8:20- Glad ez-tie extra-large orange bags
9:20- A clear plastic rectangular gift card to rocky mountain chocolate factory worth $25 in an enclosed gift card holder that’s red and white in color
10:20- A 30 pack of 18oz red solo squared cups
11:20- A blue box which is 670g of 70 mini Nestle Halloween treats. (McIntosh Caramel, Nestle Crunch and Rolo)
12:20- 4 pack of our finest black cherry Greek yogurt
1:20- a plastic green square box of cascade dishwashing things, 90 count
2:20- glad force flex 15 large black garbage bags
3:20- a box of blue recycling bags, 83.3 litres made by HDX for a cost of $7.98
4:20- 18 pack of the new Budweiser 355 ml NFL cans
5:20- A box of 28 blue glad 30" x 33" large tie and toss recycling bags

Friday, September 22
7:20 Clue: 4 corners
8:20- Black Glad force flex fit, draw string, tall kitchen bags – 14 per pack
9:20- Red solo squared 29 inch plastic plates
10:20- 40 regular Glad recycling blue bags, easy tie
11:20- 20 pack of solo squared plastic blue plates 9inch
12:20- 36 piece Star Wars Lego Set
1:20- Blue deck of 2 playing cards wrapped in plastic covering still sealed
2:20- a case of 18 kinder surprise eggs
3:20- glad kitchen bags
4:20- a 24 pack of 10 oz plastic bottles of minute maid apple juice
5:20-Flex care Band-Aids by Johnson & Johnson 80 count assorted sizes