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Finger 11 and I Mother Earth

Rock 94 is proud to present Finger 11 & I mother Earth LIVE at Crock Saturday, April 21st

Dave Steen will be hosting a VIP sound check/Q&A

ROCKAHOLICS- April- Everything Mobile

Rockaholic [Rock-a-hol-ic] noun.
1. A devoted Rock 94 listener who eats, sleeps, and breathes Rock 94. One who will receive exciting insider information on Rock

OLG - If i had a million Dollars

Rock 94 and OLG want to know what Rockaholics would do “If they had a million dollars”

Listen to Rock 94 for Kaile and Dee’s trivia question

The Premier Home Style Tour 2018

Rock 94 is proud to present The Premier Home Style Tour 2018.
Saturday, April 21 from  9am-4pm

You could win a $10,000 gift

Danny and Laura's 10th Anniversary!

Do you remember 10 years ago? Think back… it was the first time 91.5 CKPR brought you Danny and Laura! They have been making your mornings happier for 10 years,

Thunder Bay on Demand

We want you to tell us what to play, then turn it on and turn it up! 

Val Mitchell is taking all the requests from noon - 1 pm on Monday to

Find Yer' Fortune

91.5 CKPR and Gateway Casino Thunder Bay have $10,000 to give away. All you have to do is tell us where it is! We have hidden a virtual fortune somewhere in Thunder Bay

OLG Jackpot Alert

91.5 CKPR and OLG want to know what 91.5 CKPR listeners would do to become Millionaires through our “That was your Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Alert” and “That

The Narvis Truck and Auto Service Ride Home

Weekdays at 5:05 Rock 94 will energize that LONG Ride home from a grueling day at work with 4 songs and ask Rockaholics to call in and tell us which songs were played

Lunch with Danny and Laura - April

91.5 CKPR and Fuse by Daytona's want to bring lunch to your workplace

CKPR Listener Club - April

91.5 CKPR has paired up with recently renovated Grand Portage Lodge and Casino for our

The Premier Home Style Tour 2018

91.5 CKPR is proud to present  The Premier Home Style Tour 2018.
Saturday, April 21 from  9am-4pm

You could win a $10,000

60 Second Gateway Grand

It pays to be a CKPR listener … it could pay $1000 CASH!

91.5 CKPR together with the help of Gateway Casino will be giving away some CASH with the 60

NV Nightclub: Dueling Pianos

91.5 CKPR and NV Nightclub will be sending listeners and their guests to see the Dueling Pianos weekly at NV

ENERGY Listener Club - Charm Diamond Centre

Do YOU want to win some AMAZING prizes for Mother's Day? ENERGY 103 104 and Charm Diamond Centre want to reward our Energizers just for being an ENERGY club member

Mom 'n Me

She’s brought you a lot of special moments over the years. Now’s the time to show everyone what she means to you. 

CKPR Thunder Bay wants

91.5 CKPR Birthdays

Enter a Birthday Greeting HERE for the chnace to have YOUR  Birthday Greeting announced LIVE on air