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Come Drive Away

***Please note in order to qualify for this contest you must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid Passport.***

ROCK 94 and

ROCKAHOLICS-February-Molly Maid

Rockaholic [Rock-a-hol-ic] noun.
1. A devoted Rock 94 listener who eats, sleeps, and breathes Rock 94. One who will receive exciting insider information on Rock

The Narvis Truck and Auto Service Ride Home

Weekdays at 5:05 Rock 94 will energize that LONG Ride home from a grueling day at work with 4 songs and ask Rockaholics to call in and tell us which songs were played

The Last Couple Standing

91.5 CKPR and the Thunder Bay Wedding Show want to help give a bride and groom their dream wedding with an incredible wedding package. Contestants can win prizes worth

Lunch with Danny and Laura - February

91.5 CKPR is proud to announce the February sponsor for Lunch with Danny and Laura! Masala Grille!!! 

Sign up below and enter your office to win Lunch

Listener Club - Menchie's - February

91.5 CKPR has paired up with Menchie's Frozen Yogurt for our Listener Club for February!

Join the 91.5 CKPR Listener Club for chance to WIN great prizes,

91.5 CKPR Birthdays

Enter a Birthday Greeting HERE for the chnace to have YOUR  Birthday Greeting announced LIVE on air