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12 Days of Christmas

91.5 CKPR together with 12 Participating Sponsors will be giving listeners a chance to play 91.5 CKPR’s Special 12 days of Christmas including Gifts from 12

Lunch With Danny and Laura- December

91.5 CKPR is proud to announce the December sponsor for Lunch with Danny and Laura!!! The Crew on May!

Sign up below and enter your office to win Lunch

CKPR-Listener Club- December

91.5 CKPR has paired up with Vitality for our Listener Club for December!!

Join the 91.5 CKPR

91.5 CKPR Birthdays

Enter a Birthday Greeting HERE for the chnace to have YOUR  Birthday Greeting announced LIVE on air

Thunder Bay On Demand

We want you to tell us what to play, then turn it on and turn it up!

Val Mitchell is taking all the requests from noon - 1 pm on Monday to

Rockaholics-December-Fat Guys

Rockaholic [Rock-a-hol-ic] noun.
1. A devoted Rock 94 listener who eats, sleeps, and breathes Rock 94. One who will receive exciting insider information on Rock

Bust Our Jingle Balls

Rock 94 wants to give Rockaholics the chance to Bust our Jingle Balls!

Starting, Monday, December 4th, Rockaholics will be encouraged to listen for the 

The Narvis Truck and Auto Service Ride Home

Weekdays at 5:05 Rock 94 will energize that LONG Ride home from a grueling day at work with 4 songs and ask Rockaholics to call in and tell us which songs were played

All Request Nooner

Every weekday Dee hosts the All Request Nooner.  You pick the songs, Give her a call between noon and 1pm at 345-9436, or email your requests to

Screen Test

Join Dave weekday afternoons at 4:20 for “Screen Test”, where he will play a movie clip and the listener must correctly identify the title.

Rock 94's 2 Second Challenge

Every Weekday morning at 7:40 am  Kaile and Dee will play a 2 second clip from a song.. guess the song correctly and You win the Prizes!

nergizer Listener Club-December

ENERGY 103 104  wants to reward its Energizers just for being an ENERGY club member with a prize every week!

Energy 103 104 has paired up with Charm